We specialize in customized 1:1 tech diving ourses. TDI, RAID, SSI, PADI and IART Technical diving courses with IT and record holder Ben Reymenants. Entry levels from 40 meters, to diving world records. Located in Thailand on the island of amazing Phuket….


Cave Diving offers any diver the biggest possible adrenaline rush and excitement. We can take you on any configuration OC, Sidemount or CCR. o These cave diving trips and courses are conducted in the rural lakes of southern Thailand Song Hong, Sra Keow,andSpider cave..

Beginner to Technical Instructor

For the new scuba diver for their first ever dive to the recreational diver looking to get into the exciting world of teaching to the seasoned veteran Dive Instructor looking to teach technical diving – Blue Label has personalized the training program for everyone at every level…


What our clients say about us


Blue Label Diving absolutly rates highest marks for both the quality of instruction and the administrative experience before, during, and after our courses. I will continue to learn with them as Ben’s teaching style is tailored well to an individuals’ style and abilities rather than a mass teaching one-size-fits-all approach. This organization simply is professional and to the demanding standards of divers who take it seriously

Jeffrey / Scuba Tribe

The Blue Label team are consummate professionals with top of the food chain knowledge and organisational skills. The course was structured perfectly for me, which made it extremely rewarding but was not unexpected given their genuine interest in finding out my diving level. The technical skill, thoroughness and knowledge of the Instructor combined with the personalised service means I will definitely be returning.

Nick / Scuba Tribe

I started with TDI Sidemount course, then I signed for Advanced Nitrox and Theory of Decompression. I built my experience step by step with an excellent instructor, Hiro, in Bunaken which is a perfect location for Tec dives! I loved the Sidemount configuration and the challenge and precision of deco dives. I learned a lot during this courses that pushed my limits and made me know myself better underwater! Thank you!”

Stephanie / Scuba Tribe

Much can be said about Blue Label Diving so I will keep this short. I had the wonderful opportunity to train under Blue Label. Did a total of 5 courses over the last 1 year or so. The instructors, rental gear, learning atmosphere, etc were all top notch. If you are considering technical diving education and finding an instructor who is current and experienced, you need not look further. Thank you Ben, Simone, Hiro and Blue Label!

Kheng / Scuba Tribe

I took the TDI Tec Sidemount course with Daren and I can honestly say my confidence, skills and abilities improved dramatically. Daren offered the course in a clear, concise and personalised format. His extensive experience showed throughout, i’m one to respectfully question almost everything, and whatever question I threw at him, he drew on his years of diving and gave the practical answer. I’m already looking forward to my next course.

John / Scuba Tribe

We were a little uncertain in the lead up to our trip what to expect from Blue Label Diving but within an hour of our first day we were wrapped with our decision to choose Blue Label Diving. The knowledge and expertise demonstrated and shared by Ben and the the team is truly world class. This was clearly the most comprehensive instruction we had ever received after many years of diving both open and closed circuit

Matt / Scuba Tribe

Certainly the best diving course I’ve ever done. Ben is an extremely capable diver with lots of experience and extensive technical knowledge. Ben is also a skilled instructor who ensured the delivery and pace of the course matched my learning needs. The course manuals were comprehensive, the theory was clearly explained and new skills were well-demonstrated and regularly reinforced during the course.

Peter / Scuba Tribe

After decades of recreational diving I felt a bit bored and that I was no longer learning as much as I wanted. Blue Label insured that I was not bored in any way, and that I was constantly challenged. I learned more during the TDI Advanced Nitrox, Side Mount, and Decompression Procedures courses than I expected. This training opens up some dive sites to me that recreational divers do not get to dive.

James / Scuba Tribe