SSI Independent Diver Specialty Course

How experienced you need to be to dive alone? Do you dive alone as an instructor? These are the common questions new divers will ask their instructor. The SSI Independent Diver specialty course is a course designed to train divers to dive independently, without compromising safety factor. 

“Self-sufficiency” will be the keyword of this course. We will train you to always have a strong awareness to your personal and environmental condition. You learn how to do proper dive planning, observe and adhere to personal limitations, and accident prevention in and out of water.

Who is it for

In short, the SSI Independent Diver Specialty course is commonly sought-after by experienced underwater photographer and videographer who yearn for personal liberty underwater.

However, if you have 75 logged dives or more on you, and you would like to learn what it takes to dive independently, you are more than welcome to enrol in the course. You will become a reliable diver in the team, which is always a strong and calming presence for everyone.

This course is very popular to combine with a sidemount course, which enable you to dive with two scuba cylinders, as required in this course.

What do you do and where do we teach you

To enroll in the SSI Independent Diver course, you much fulfil the following requirement:

    • Logged at least 75 open water dives totalling 50 hours or more
    • Be certified in SSI Advance Adventurer or equivalent 
    • Be certified in SSI Diver Stress and Rescue or equivalent
    • Be certified or provide proof of experience in Night and Limited Visibility, Deep Diving (40m) and Navigation Specialties

The course takes 2 days, and in total of at least 3 training dives to complete. If you do not have experience in diving with more than one cylinder, we strongly recommend you to go through a confined water session with two tanks. You can also combine this course with the SSI Recreational Sidemount course, which enables you to dive with two side-mounted cylinders.

Diver in Perfect Buoyancy
Perfect Buoyancy diver

Classroom + Confined Water sessions

If you do not have any prior experience in diving with more than one scuba cylinder, it is compulsory for you to enrol in a confined water session. Here, you will learn how to mount a redundant air source (extra cylinder) during your training dives.

Open Water Training

This course takes 3 open water training dives to complete, in which you learn all the essentials to dive independently, including dive planning, contingency plan and also basic self and environmental observations.

Who can enroll/start and what do you need

Minimum Age:18 years old
Min Certification/diver level:Advance Adventurer + Diver Stress and Rescue
Min amount of dives:75
Course duration:2 days
About this course:SSI Independent Diver is a course aiming to train divers on all the essential skills to dive without reliance of a buddy system .
Certification available through:SSI
Combination of Courses:Independent Diver + Sidemount
What do I do next:SSI Specialties / Divemaster Training

Schedule for SSI Independent Diver Specialty course

You SSI Independent Diver Specialty course takes 2 days to complete, and combination with other courses (side mount recommended) are also available.

Day 1 (Classroom + Pool)

    • 08:00am Pickup from Hotel
    • 08:30am Arrival at Blue Label office for theory class
    • 10:30am Equipment tryout / fitting
    • 11:30am Arrival at pool and starts activity
    • 01:00pm Lunch time by the pool site
    • 03:30pm Finish training and pack up equipment
    • 04:30pm Arrival at Blue Label Office/Hotel

Day  2 (Open Water) Doing 3 dives per day

    • 07:15am Pickup from your Hotel
    • 08:00am Departs from Chalong Pier to Racha Yai
    • 10:00am First two dives of the day (Training Dives)
    • 01:00pm Lunch time
    • 02:00pm Third dive of the day (Fun Dive)
    • 03:00pm Departure from Racha
    • 05:00 – 6:00pm Estimated time of arrival at Chalong Pier

How much does it cost and what is included in the price? and why Blue Label Diving?

We have over 10 year experience running a dive shop in Phuket. Our instructors are all tech divers and Dive Instructors. Some even technical diving instructors and Dive Medics.

We take diving serious but with a smile. We care about QUALITY! not quantity.

We teach in several languages such as: English, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, French, German and Dutch

As Blue Label do not like un-welcome surprises, we clearly list out what is included and what is not included in your course payment.

We teach at an instructor to student ratio of 1:1. Or with your family or group of friends of course. Our max is 2 students per instructor. 

PRICE: 15’000 Baht

Included: instructor fee, materials fee, equipment rental fee, pickups, breakfast and lunch, boat fee and

Excluded: personal items (towels, sunblock etc.), dive computer rentals (300 baht)


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Here a few documents for you to read, sign and send back to us, after you have signed up for the course.