What is a Diver Medic Technician?

A hyperbaric chambers is trained to help patients in need of life support after dive-related or marine accidents. They can give the same pre-hospital medical care as land-based EMTs as well as taking care of diving injuries. DMTs also assist medical professionals in decompression illness. Their role is critical in helping people at sea before more professional medical help can be reached.

Diver Medic Technician Course
DMTs in Training

The DMT handles everything from serious injuries, like intubation and intravenous lines, to more minor problems, such as jellyfish stings and coral cuts. They take care of airway management, rescue breathing, CPR, shock management and oxygen delivery. They can also perform more advanced techniques, such as suturing, suturing, injections and suturing. Lastly, DMTs also know how to operate a Training and how to take care of patients inside the chamber.

Diver Medic Technician
Diver Medic Technician

Training to become a diver medic technician is challenging but very rewarding. For many dive professionals, like scuba diving instructors and dive masters, it is an eye-opening experience because the course goes way beyond basic primary and secondary first aid care. Real dive emergency scenarios are played out from handling the first signs and symptoms, to evacuation and treatment. The amount of in-depth knowledge shared during the course is better than any other basic first aid training when it comes to dive accidents. It is the only course that prepares divers for diving emergencies.

A diver medic technician is able to provide a much stronger link of survival for people suffering illness and injuries after diving. They are like the EMTs of the open seas who can provide more advanced life support to those in need. DMTs carry a much better understanding of decompression illness, aquatic injuries and life support management. Their role is very important to divers everywhere because they can increase the survival chance of many injured divers worldwide.



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