I recently completed a week of Caving diving with Blue Label Diving at Song Hong (I completed my Full Cave with BLD last year). I took the TDI stage cave course with Claus and Chris, this was a great course with a lot of emphases on dive planning and gas management. Claus was always challenging us with new skills and transferring his know to us.
During the week we completed 14 dives including a few dives on the 50 meter circuit where the visibility was amazing. We also used 2 wet bells for our deco stops which was a new experience.
I must also say a massive thanks to Simone for organising the week with only 4 days notice 
I was very impressed and happy with the whole team at BLD. They are always professional and willing to help you grow as a driver. I can highly recommend them for any diver that wants to do anything with Cave or technical diving.
Thanks again BLD team for a great experience!

Stewart / Facebook
Blue Label is absolutely the place to go for the best education (safe, professional, fun), with a 1:1 or 1:2 instructor:student ratio. I am a PADI instructor/TDI tech diver, and brought a brand new scuba student to them- I was thoroughly impressed with their teaching/classes! They took their time and really taught MORE than what was required for an open water certification. Diving tech with them was great as well, not only did I get the best service and care, I learned so much more even though I was just diving for fun. They are not the cheapest shop in town but they are the ones whom I’d trust to teach my children.

When you learn how to dive beyond the limits of the recreational diver, do you want to do it with the local tech instructor, or with someone who designs the courses that the local instructor would be teaching? I did my advanced trimix rebreather course with Blue Label Diving, and will be going back this year to do my full cave course. Lots of fun, and the best instruction around.


It’s a professional diving center which has 4/15 cave instructors in Thailand. And their service quality is really great!



Jan C. Weirauch reviewed Blue Label Diving – 5 star

I had a great time with Claus learning how to do Sidemountdiving, I learned a lot, and lot more than just the basic PADI stuff. The office staff Jenny went out of her way to organize space for my family on the boat who wanted to snorkel along while I was diving. The boat was great and provided a relaxing atmosphere for everyone. I highly recommend Blue Label Diving and I think the owners should try hard to keep Claus and Jenny working at their shop.

Jan Weirauch

(Translated by Google) Come to Thailand to find this one! Provide certification for diving systems such as PADI, SSI, TDI, with special courses for Tridon CCR, cave diving from cavern to Full cave and even Cave survey, Cave DPV, Stage cave. It also provides leisure and technical diving courses: advanced high oxygen, decompression Procedures, extended areas, helium and nitrogen diving, shipwrecks, advanced shipwrecks; agents and equipment: Xdeep, Fourth element, Triton CCR …

(Original) 來泰國找這家就對了!提供PADI, SSI, TDI等潛水系統的認證,特色課程為Tridon CCR、洞穴潛水從cavern至Full cave甚至Cave survey, Cave DPV, Stage cave,也提供休閒及技術潛水課程:進階高氧、減壓程序、延伸領域、氦氧氮潛水、沉船、進階沉船;代理與使用裝備:Xdeep、Fourth element、Triton CCR…..

黃致豪 / google

Mann kommt als Kunde und man geht als Freund, bei Ben und Simone Raymann passt das ganze Paket, vom Anfang bis zum Schluss, man bekommt was man Bucht, Profisinalität, geniale Tauchgänge und spass, was will man mehr, meine Trimix Höhlen Tauchgänge waren genial, mit meinem Kiss Sidewinder. Ben und ich waren die ganze Woche unterwegs und es hat sehr viel spass gemacht. Es war alles genial organisiert, schöne sauber gemütliche Apartments, in der Frühe waren wir immer frühstücken und am Abend gemütlich Essen. Und das geniale war es gab keine Extra Kosten, mir wurde ein Angebot gemacht und es war alles inkludiert, so wie versprochen :0))))))

Das Team ist so gut daß Ich bei Ben anschliesend gleich meinen SSI Trimix Instructor Crossover gemacht habe, muss mich auch natürlich bei Klaus bedanken für die Unterstützung bei meinen Vorträgen, und daß er mich auch noch zum Artzt gebracht hat und wieder zurück zu meinen Hotel, so etwas ist auch nicht selbstverständlich.

Habe schon für December/Jänner 2020/21 wieder gebucht und ich freu mich schon


Helmut Hubalek / Tripadvisor

We used blue label for some recreational (non technical) diving in Phuket. They were friendly and easy to work with. We had one of the best days of diving with them.
Matthew Lormand / Google
Awesome experience. Took advanced nitrox and Deco procedure. Training was very comprehensive. Instructors will make sure all skills are mastered and mistakes promptly pointed out and rectified. I received tips on how to optimise my equipment and improvement on trim and buoyancy control. Great training and worth every penny and more.
M Shahril / Google
We are recreational divers looking to transition into technical diving to be able to dive deeper and longer and possibly visit Chuuk Lagoon next year. We decided to look for one of the best technical diving school and got recommended to Blue Label Diving.

Our experience taking our Sidemount and Advance Nitrox last January was truly outstanding. The guys are professional, hospitable and very experienced trainers. They push and challenge you but also comfort you if you are nervous. They really help you develop whether you are new and nervous or have more experience.

Because of our wonderful experience, we are coming back for more, and hoping to do our Decompression, Extended Range and Trimix courses! We have full trust that they are the right place to develop our skills and become better divers. There are very few places where you can find this.

Some other things we loved:
– The community – we encountered a few students/ guests during our course and it was great to meet other passionate tech divers.

– The passion – everyone we met was truly passionate about what they were doing and were going beyond their duties to help us have a great learning experience.

– The showroom of equipment – if you are new or long-time technical diver, you will drool over the range of equipments they have 😀

– The croissant in the morning – it’s a small thing but it shows how hospitable and how they get the experience right!

Trechelle and Axel/ Tripadvisor

We signed up as a team of 3 to do the rebreather cave training with Blue Label and were very happy with the experience.
The shop is run well and Sabine was very helpful in planning our trip and travel arrangements beforehand, answered all our questions and provided us with online learning materials up front so we could arrive prepared for our class. They are well equipped for rebreather divers, have enough space to set up and test the units after travel, get tanks and sorb and pack everything into the car for our journey to the caves.
We spent the week with Claus starting us off in Song Hong and watching us adjust to fresh water buoyancy after years of only ocean diving which I’m sure made for an entertaining sight ;). The program is demanding both in terms of dive skills and long days, but this has been one of the most challenging and rewarding courses I’ve ever undertaken. Claus did an excellent job guiding us through the program and challenging us as individuals and as a team to adopt to the unforgiving environment of caves. He freely shared his extensive knowledge and experience and was always happy to discuss any points we might raise. His through post-dive briefings were enlightening, going through each dive step by step and meticulously pointing out where we went wrong and what we needed to improve. Throughout the week, we proceeded to dive increasingly challenging caves, going from simulated zero visibility to actual zero visibility in some cases, testing our newly acquired skills. The final dive in Klang cave was definitely a highlight when we managed to navigate as a team to the huge dry chamber deep inside for a quick stop on the surface before returning picking up our 10+ cookies 😉
All in all it has been a fantastic experience and I will definitely be back for some fun diving in the caves of southern Thailand with Blue Label.


Roland Huber / Tripadvisor

Hands down the best dive center in Thailand.

If you are a technical diver, or have interest in becoming a technical diver, you should know Blue Label Diving.

I am a Technical Diving Instructor located in Japan and I just finished a week long stint training with Blue Label. Their instructors are legitimately world-class and have a knowledge base that is unparalleled when it comes to advanced diving.

The “heart” of Blue Label’s operation starts with Simone who works tirelessly making sure the insane logistics are all in place to facilitate each and every customer. Simone is the best, seriously. From there it trickles down to Blue Label’s in-house technical instructor, Claus, where he is able to teach any level of diving from open water all the way to multi-gas rebreather cave diving. I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days training with Claus and even with my instructor background walked away with learning a tremendous amount.

Blue Label Diving exudes a small shop/personable vibe that is exactly what this kind of diving is all about. Whether you are trying to get scuba certified or are an experienced technical diver looking to expand you knowledge, Blue Label is your go-to shop in Asia.

Matthew deBerry