SSI´s XR Extended Range programs form a bridge between Recreational Diving and Technical Diving. They are designed to allow you, the recreational diver, the chance to enter the exciting world of Extended Range diving without necessarily having to dramatically change your existing diving philosophy.
These programs simply enhance and build upon your existing knowledge.

They provide the components that will allow you to use the different gases, new equipment and skills necessary to complete limited decompression schedules.


The SSI Extended Range (XR) Foundations course is intended to provide divers training to improve their skills with the purpose of becoming a technical diver. With the SSI Extended Range Foundations program, you will use the Extended Range Diving Systems as well as learn the procedures.


Now the benefits are being discovered by more and more also recreational divers. The ease of movement without a heavy tank on your back and a new feeling of buoyancy are enticing advantages of the diving style. You will earn the SSI Extended Range Sidemount Diving Specialty certification after completing this program


SC-XRANThis program qualifies you to dive to 40 meters using nitrox and 15 minutes of accelerated decompression using a one stage decompression gas (oxygen).

The program can be completed wearing a single cylinder with either a pony bottle or an H/Y valve or a technical total diving system.


SC-XRThis program qualifies you to dive to 45 meters using nitrox and 20 minutes of accelerated decompression using a one stage decompression gas (oxygen). The program can only be completed wearing a technical total diving system. Prerequisite is to be an Extended Range Nitrox diver.

As with all SSI XR programs Extended Range is designed to fit your schedule. You can take each program individually or take them all in one program. Training is flexible to match your goals and objectives. It’s menu-based just like our recreational programs. To enroll the above training:

Minimum Age: 16
Certification Prerequisites: Deep Diving certification
Enriched Air Nitrox 40% certification
24 logged Dives
Academic Sessions: Online training
Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 1
Open Water Dives: 4
Maximum Training Depth: 40 meters / 130 feet
Suggested Duration: 16 hours
Specialized Equipment: See SSI Standards
Please refer to the SSI Training Standards for more detailed information