TDI Sidemount cave course

This TDI Sidemount cave course If you are a technical diver, you must be familiar with the cylinders that divers wear. But if you wish to stay underwater for a longer period of time, sidemount cave diving is a solution. Diving in sidemount configuration is much more than a recreational activity. Today, many students show a lot of interest in undertaking a sidemount cave diving course. We, at Blue Label Diving, will help you develop essential skill sets that are necessary for diving in sidemount configuration with maximum two tanks and not exceeding no-decompression limits.

TDI Sidemount cave course in Spider cave

We understand that sidemount cave diving is one of the most challenging and potentially dangerous types of diving as the visibility can vary from nearly limited to low, or non-existent. The potential dangers of cave diving can also involve difficulty in underwater navigation when exit routes are at considerable distance. This further requires the diver to have sufficient breathing gas to safely complete the journey. Keeping these things in mind, we have designed a course that will teach you the details of sidemount cave diving, helping you emerge as a well-rounded and capable diver.

Our Sidemount diving course aims to develop the correct reflex responses in you to fight the equipment failures, build essential skills like advanced navigation techniques, adapting to different dive sites and boat diving techniques, learning advance navigation and underwater awareness techniques and adapting to varying conditions – current, surge, being lost. What sets us apart is that we train the divers to explore that portion of a cave system which is within the direct sight of daylight.

However, remember that cave diving course is not for everyone. It is only for those who are comfortable with water, possess an excellent buoyancy control skills, and have genuine interest in exploring natural overhead environments along with the ability to pay attention to the surroundings meticulously.

Successful completion of the cave diving training equips candidates with the ability and the knowledge to dive using a sidemount configuration with emphasis on safety. If you are currently a technical diver, then the sidemount cave diving can be used for all subsequent trainings that you look forward to undergo. They include the benefits of streamlining and the flexibility that can be used with standard scuba tanks from any diving centre.

We understand that every student’s needs are different. Hence, depending on your individual needs, we conduct the course on a step-by-step basis which helps divers get familiar to each aspect and master the technique in a smooth way.


The Cave Sidemount course will take 3 days and we will dive at least 4 times for a total bottom time of more than 120 minutes.  

You only need to be a certified full cave diver and logged 25 cave dives to be able to participate in this course.  



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