Pushing Boundaries!

We don’t just teach technical diving, each member of our team actively pushes their own boundaries and redefines their own limits. Our Training Director, Ben Reymenants has held the worlds deepest dive record, as well as set ground breaking achievements around the globe accompanied and supported by members of the Blue Label Team.

We’ve made dives to some of the deepest caves in the world, such as 240m in Thailand in 2012. Read Ben’s account of the dive here.

In 2012, the Blue Label team with the permission of the Government of the Maldives, explored one of the Blue Holes in an effort to bring research data to support archaeological time-lining of the Maldives and clues to the current sea level trends. Information vital to answering the question – are the Atols of the Maldives sinking ? Read more about our Maldives Project here.

In 2013 we have pushed the depths of Song Hong Cave in Thailand and explored submerges deep tunnels running off at the depth of 180m, laying a new line.

March 6th 2015 Ben has gone to a traverse in Sra Keow Cave where he has not been before. Also here he will dive to a depth of +170 meters by himself with the support of our technical Interns.

2018 Ben together with Richard Harris and Craig Challenge did a 180 meter dive in Song Hong together with the support of our other technical dive instructors and interns. 

Cave in FranceBesides doing expeditions ourselves we also like to include our customers in these diving expeditions. We have taken a few customers down to the deep depths of Song Hong to 100 meters or more! If this is your dream please contact us directly by email. We can make your dreams come true!

We are major exhibitors at Tdex and Adex and our Training Director Ben Reymenants and instructor trainer Claus Rasmussen are making multiple peer presentations during these Diving Conference in SEA showcasing our current achievements.

Further expeditions include Finland, Russia and France where Ben has authored and taught the very first TDI Level VI Cave CCR Trimix Diver program.

Hiro Yoshida and Sandra Yoshida whom we trained during 2013 got married at a depth of 130 meters in Song Hong Cave. This wedding is now an official Guinness World Record.

An other wedding in Plura Norway with Jani Santala doing the largest underwater wedding even taken place. This is also an official Guiness World Record. Ben was the “priest” during the wedding as well. 

Here at Blue Label, we don’t just dive – we want to inspire the future generations of explorers and adventurers.