sidemount diver
sidemount dive equipment

At Blue Label Diving we all all sorts of dive equipment for rent from recreational dive sets to full CCR’s sets. We have full rebreather support, scrubber and CCR tanks, twinsets with manifolds, Sidemount cylinders with right and left valves and buoyancy devices such as BCD’s for recreational, Xdeep harnesses for Sidemount, Xdeep Wings, all sorts of backplates with webbing, fins and booties, Rebreathers such as JJ, AP , Megalodon, Poseidon and the Kiss rebreather. Other tech diving equipment rental can be DPV’s.

Dive Equipment at Blue Label Diving is only for rent during diving courses taken with Blue Label Diving. For high exceptions we do rent out for tech divers that need to dive on liveaboards with twinset or Sidemount. Dive Equipment is only rented out in the event that the instructors from Blue Label Diving do not need it for their own students.

During our internships we provide the 1st month the dive equipment rental for free but after this month the intern needs to provide themselves with the appropriate equipment. We have a special deal for our intersn where they can purchase equipment in Thailand via BLD for Trade prices + 14%.

Dive Equipment Rental Price List

Full Set Backmount:
Twinset S80s
Back Gas Regulators
Full Set Sidemount:
2x S80 Tanks with Riggings
Sidemount Harness
Sidemount Configured Regulators
Deco Tank with Regulator
Up to 50% EANx
Up To 200 Bar
Deco Tank with Oxygen Clean Regulator
100% Oxygen
Up To 100 Bar
Deco Regulator:
Oxygen Clean
Cave Lights Set:
1 Primary Torch
2 Back-up Torches
SMB with Spool250
Cave Reel 250
UWATEC Bottom Timer & Depth Guage 350
Mixed Gas Dive Computer350
DPV 3500
Wetsuit, Booties, Fins & Mask350