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Blue Label Diving FAQ’s – The Technical Diving Specialists


We have collected the most common Blue Label Diving ™ FAQs coming directly from our divers and customers.

First 2 questions from our beginners.

    1. What is Technical Diving?
    2. Which Equipment is used for Technical Diving?
    3. I am a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Can I become a tech diver? Yes for sure you can. For example to become a PADI tec 40 diver the prerequisites are that you need to be an Advanced Open water diver or equivalent. For more info about the prerequisites for our course curriculum TDI Course Curriculum or PADI Course Curriculum.

Do you give instructor courses? YES we can as we are a SSI DIAMOND facility. Claus and Klaus are both SSI IT. Ben can teach TDI instructor courses in Finland. 


Ben is available in Finland. In Phuket Klaus Klaeden and Claus Rasmussen are your instructors yes but normally Ben only teaches the instructors courses and all advanced trimix, cave and rebreather courses.


Can I get certified for different agencies at the same time? Yes you can. Blue Label Diving teaches under the agencies: TDI, PADI and SSI. 

Which agencies do you teach under? We teach under Scuba Schools international, PADI, TDI and RAID


Which rebreathers do you specialise in? We are specialised in the following rebreathers: JJ-CCR,POSEIDON Se7en, MEGALODON, INSPIRATION, TRITON AND THE PATHFINDER 


What do I need to bring for the cave courses or trips?  Remember the locations are remote. No need to worry about accommodation during your cave courses or trips. We have arranged all of this for you. The only thing you need to arrange is the hotel upon arrival and departure in and from Phuket.


Can I combine Technical Diving courses? Yes but it is best to contact us for enquiries. When you combine courses the days become less and so does the PRICE..


Can I study beforehand? Yes and we recommend it as well. Most of our agencies have E-learning or we can send you the manuals by post. But as we try to save the planet in the mean time we prefer the E-learning option.

    1. Which area in Phuket Thailand are you located? We are in Chalong area.This is in the most southern point of Phuket, famous for its great views and best seafood restaurants. Locations nearby are Rawai, Kata.
    2.  Where do you conduct your cave diving courses? Cave Diving in Thailand is a very special occasion. We teach the Cavern and Intro to Cave courses in the caves of Song Hong lake. Ao Luk and Krabi are used for the Full Cave course.
    3. Can one of your instructor come to my location and teach at our facility overseas? Yes with a maximum of 3 students per course. The cost of the course prices will be different as Ben his flight and other expenses need to be covered by the students/ or dive center.

    1. FAQ's BLUE LABELHow are your prices build up?
      • After you have been in contact with the office, your prices will be including:  Manual, Certification, Pool Session, Sorb (CCR courses), gasses (air, Nitrox and o2), tanks, boat fees, instructor fees, meals on the boat and transport to the boats or caves. The only things not included are: equipment rental, dive computer, rebreather rental, helium for the Trimix Courses and Main Canister torch for the Cave Diving Courses.
      • All of our cave courses are inclusive: Manual, Certification, transport to the lakes, gasses, tanks, instructor fees, accommodation on the lakes, 3 meals a day, coffee, water and tea.
      • Equipment you can rent at Blue Label Diving but we can include this in your total price. If we are not busy we can include some regulators as well. But it totally depends on how many students we have during the time you get here. Please contact us directly for questions about this. 
      • All of our instructor courses are inclusive the above except of the Instructor materials and certifications.
    1. Do you give discount when I come with a group of technical divers? contact us for enquiries.
    2. Can I get a discount when I bring my own Tech equipment? When divers become technical divers the most important thing they need to rely on is their equipment. We believe in owning your own equipment as it’s your life support to deeper than 40 meters dives or in overhead environments. 

Do I need to purchase anything mandatory for a course? You need to have the following:

      1. dive insurance
      2. Dive equipment – harness and regulators
      3. wetsuit
      4. 2 masks
      5. fins + booties
      6. Spool of 30 meters + Surface marker buoy
      7. underwater slates / wet notes
      8. pocket shorts

Why Blue Label Diving? 

    • The difference is we are specialised in Tech training/ Courses of all levels. We have top of the range tech instructors and instructor trainers/course directors that are also Dive Medics Technicians.
    • Top of the range diving equipment.
    • All instructors are trained by Ben Reymenants who is a very well-known and respected Technical Diver and Instructor trainer in the industry. Ben has written many manuals for TDI,  our instructors always gives more info then required,  they take you beyond your own limits and make every diver that steps into the world of Tech Diving a better and more knowledgeable diver.
    • The courses include: The best and professional tech training possible, 2-3 dives a day (no matter what the requirements are you always get more dives), 3 meals a day when cave diving, boat days 2 meals per day, manuals, certification, pool/confined sessions fee, all boat fees, gasses, small equipment rental, tank rental, transportation to the boat and transport to the shop.

  1. Do you have any special deals for hotels and resorts? Yes best thing is we have our own! PALM GARDEN RESORT is just around the corner from the dive center in Chalong and has a pool and a restaurant with german standards.
  2. We can also assist with booking other hotels, but the hotels in Phuket are easier and cheaper to book via or even via their own websites for example.
  3. We include transport from Chalong, Kata, Karon on boat diving days



We have a special form in which you can all questions or book directly. Please do not hesitate to ask questions!

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