meet the team
meet the team
TDI awards 2013 and 204

Ben Reymenants

Born in Belgium. He is the founder and owner of Blue Label Diving and has been in the tech diving industry for over 30 years. TDI IT, SSI IT, RAID IT and CAVE IT. Ben is since 2021 located in Finland. 

About Klaus Klaeden

Klaus Klaeden

Klaus Klaeden born in Germany is an upcoming cave and rebreather instructor. He joined Blue Label Diving in 2018. Klaus loves cave and rebreather diving and is SSI IT and TDI instructor.

Triton MCCR in Similans

Claus Rasmussen

Claus Rasmussen. Born in Denmark has joined Blue Label Diving in 2017. SSI IT, TDI Instructor for all levels and Megalodon, Triton and Poseidon instructor.

Simone Schuil

Simone Schuil, Dutch, is your contact at Blue Label Diving. She will take care of you like you are her family.  Simone does most of the marketing and logistics and loves cave and deep diving.

Heidi Gay | a year ago
Did a full cave course with Claus who was a very patient instructor. It was a week of hard work and fun, and the accommodation and food at the resorts were brilliant. Looking forward to coming back for more training and fun diving in the future!
Heidi gay / Via Google
I have been using Blue Label Diving since 2015 when I first completed Advanced Nitrox and Deco procedures. Since then I have travelled from Australia specifically to continue my development with Blue Label. In technical diving I always strive to find the best training and mentoring. In my opinion these guys are the best, whether you’re a nervous newbie looking for an open water course or want to gain skills in deep technical diving and exploration, Blue Label Diving are my first choice.
Elijah Martin / Via Google
Started from scratch with Klaus the German. His jokes are terrible but the quality of the instruction was very good. I opted for a solid grounding in the basics as opposed to just fun diving. Klaus pushed me hard – at my request. I now have basic diving skills at a higher level than many ‘advanced’ divers. I wouldn’t book him for a comedy night but if you’re looking for solid instruction from an excellent teacher, then definitely 5 stars!
Norman Cho / Via Google