SSI React Right Course

Reach Right is the SSI equal to PADI EFR (Emergency First Response). Also known as RR, the react right course deals with out of water emergencies. It is designed to train first aid providers to keep control during an emergency situation until medical professional arrive. In other words, your React Right training is not a “for divers only” course. You do not need any prior diving experience to enroll in this training.

In your course, your education will be divided into 5 main sections. These 5 sections are assessment, stabilisation, first aid technique, O2 provider and AED.  In React Right, all the skills we teach are beneficial in your daily life, as much as during your diving activity.

Upon completing this course, you are no longer be a head in the crowd in an emergency. You will now remain calm, and being able to offer help. However, do remember that this course IS NOT a replacement for a full length Emergency Medical Instruction course for medical professionals. Hence, you should not be providing help that is beyond your training and knowledge.

What do you do and where do we teach you

Your course breaks down into 5 separate sections – Assessment, Stabilisation, CPR, O2 Provider and AED management.

React Right – Assessment

In the assessment section, you will learn how to assess the victim and the surrounding before providing help. You will learn about the 3R’s (recognize, respond and restrictions) when performing initial survey of an emergency. Our instructor will create scenarios for you to show potential danger while helping a “victim”.

React Right – Stabilization

While assessing the victim, bear in mind that vital organs will start to die within minutes without oxygen. Hence, a haste stabilizing maneuver with the ABC (airway, breathing, circulation) procedure is critical. You will learn how to provide CPR when necessary. There are also different procedures when you are dealing with victim of different age. You have special considerations to make whilst tending CPR to a minor. These will lead to your third section of React Right which is…

React Right – First Aid Technique

This section is a hands-on practical section where you will deal with non-lethal injuries. You will learn about the general diving-related and non-diving related injuries and how to respond appropriately.

React Right – O2 Provider

As you learned in your Open Water course, most of the pressure related injuries (DCI) are dealt with by providing Oxygen as an immediate response. In this section, you will acknowledge different types of oxygen tank valves and mask types. Our instructor will also create a scenario so you can understand the right way to provide pure oxygen depending on the circumstance.

React Right – AED

…stands for Automated External Defibrillator. Ever wonder what do the emergency box in the shopping mall with the word AED written on it actually contains? An AED is a device to reestablish effective heart rhythm of a victim during incidents like a cardiac arrest or drowned victim. Now after your AED training, you will not only know, but to be able to actually use it to save someone in dire need.

Upon Completion

Blue Label usually include React Right course into a package with SSI Stress and Rescue Diver course. Upon completing the course, you will hold a different perspective towards diving. In short, you will be having fun in a safe manner. As you can remain calm during extreme situations, you will be an extremely valuable asset to any dive groups you belong to. In the end, that is what diving is all about: dive hard, dive safe!

Who can enroll/start and what do you need

Minimum age:10 years old
Min Certification/diver level:None
Min amount of dives:n/a
Course duration2/3 days
About this course:Scuba Diver cert holder can dive down to a max depth of 12m, under guidance of a dive pro.
Certification available through:SSI
Combination of courses:Scuba Diver is usually obtained by student who cannot meet time/skill requirement of Open Water Course
What do I do next:SSI Open Water


Your React Right class requires half a day to a day to finish. If combine React Right and your SSI Diver Stress and Rescue course, it is going to take 3 days to finish the course.


Minimum Age: 15
Certification Prerequisites: None
Maximum Training Depth: Knowledge Program
Suggested Duration: 8-12 hours
Please refer to the SSI TRAINING STANDARDS for more detailed information

How much does it cost and what is included in the price? and why Blue Label Diving?

We have over 10 year experience running a dive shop in Phuket. Our instructors are all tech divers and Dive Instructors. Some even technical diving instructors and Dive Medics.

We take diving serious but with a smile. We care about QUALITY! not quantity.

We teach in several languages such as: English, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, French, German and Dutch

As Blue Label do not like un-welcome surprises, we clearly list out what is included and what is not included in your course payment.

We teach at an instructor to student ratio of 1:1. Or with your family or group of friends of course. Our max is 2 students per instructor. 

PRICE: 5'000thb
PACKAGE with Stress and Rescue: 22'000thb

Included: instructor fee, certification, e-learning, pickup (Rawai / Noi Harn Area), breakfast and lunch


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Here a few documents for you to read, sign and send back to us, after you have signed up for the course.