About Blue Label Diving Phuket and our Technical Diving Thailand Training Facility in Phuket

Ben and Simone Reymenants in Australia
Ben and Simone Reymenants in Australia

Started in 2008 they are Specialised in Technical Diving Thailand .Technical diving training facility in Thailand with IT Ben Reymenants and Simone Reymenants. Tech Diving has made an enormous leap forward since a few years. Blue Label Diving was founded by Ben Reymenants and Simone Reymenants in Phuket in 2008. First it was setup as a Liveaboard website but after a few months they decided to specialise solely in Technical  Diving for Open Circuit, Cave and Rebreather Technical Diving Training in Thailand as Ben is on of the highest qualified technical Diving Instructor trainers world wide and because there were not many tech diving facilities around that could give the same quality and professionalism they were looking for.

“We want our customers to get the best, safest and most professional Technical Diving Training available and become part of the Blue Label Diving family”.

Their vision was to have Blue Label Diving tech facilities and Blue Label technical Diving Instructors all over the world.

Technical Divers are known to be massive, hardcore and tough guys that did their courses through Military like training. Yes it used to be this way but we believe that whats important in tech Diving is the extensive and high level of professionalism and safety. This is what makes a good Tech Diver.

Blue Label Diving and the Technical diving training in Thailand has made an enormous progress since then. Blue Label Diving has now expanded to Indonesia with co founder Nigel Thomas and to Australia with co founder Daren Marshall , and Blue Label Diving is also looking to expand to Europe in the nearby future. Since march 2014 we have a new partner in Bangkok as well, Parasu Komaradat. One of the only Thai tech IT’s.

Ben has been an instructor trainer for over 12 years now with TDI and since 2012 he is also an IT for PADI TecRec.

Longtail Boats
Longtail boats – fishing boats

Thailand is one of the best places to go on a holiday to. Its tropical, great beaches, awesome night life, cheap, the food is amazing, the people are friendly, easy and cheap to travel around, great souvenir shopping, great island hopping and lots and lots of culture to see. You can bring your whole family down here while you are diving as there is enough to do.

Besides all of the above Thailand is great for Technical Diving Training. We have the regular dive sites, we have sea caves, we have fresh water caves, we have depth and you can dive 365 days a year. The fish life was not what it’s has been, but is now coming back. Sitings of Sharks are more often than 2 years back for example. Due to the 2004 Tsunami, lots of bleaching, dynamite fishing and fishing overall, the coral and fish life has degraded over the last 10 years. Its slowly building up again but we need  to do our best to conserve the marine life here. Thanks to Eco Phuket who make the Thai Dive centers, Thai Boat Captains and Thai Media more aware of the conditions of the ocean, marine life is being slowly restored.


location blue label diving phuket
location blue label diving phuket

Blue Label Diving Thailand is specialised in Deep Trimix, Cave and CCR Rebreather diving. Trimix because we have the depths and Caves and CCR because its Ben’s favorite way of diving! He has made some epic cave dives on OC and on CCR.

We are located in the South of Phuket, Rawai. Our address is: 23/12 Moo 6 Viset Road. T. Rawai A. Muang 83130 Phuket Thailand. For anyone that wants to send us a post card 😉