Cave Training with Blue LabelWe signed up as a team of 3 to do the rebreather cave training with Blue Label and were very happy with the experience.
The shop is run well and Sabine was very helpful in planning our trip and travel arrangements beforehand, answered all our questions and provided us with online learning materials up front so we could arrive prepared for our class. They are well equipped for rebreather divers, have enough space to set up and test the units after travel, get tanks and sorb and pack everything into the car for our journey to the caves.
We spent the week with Claus starting us off in Song Hong and watching us adjust to fresh water buoyancy after years of only ocean diving which I’m sure made for an entertaining sight ;). The program is demanding both in terms of dive skills and long days, but this has been one of the most challenging and rewarding courses I’ve ever undertaken. Claus did an excellent job guiding us through the program and challenging us as individuals and as a team to adopt to the unforgiving environment of caves. He freely shared his extensive knowledge and experience and was always happy to discuss any points we might raise. His through post-dive briefings were enlightening, going through each dive step by step and meticulously pointing out where we went wrong and what we needed to improve. Throughout the week, we proceeded to dive increasingly challenging caves, going from simulated zero visibility to actual zero visibility in some cases, testing our newly acquired skills. The final dive in Klang cave was definitely a highlight when we managed to navigate as a team to the huge dry chamber deep inside for a quick stop on the surface before returning picking up our 10+ cookies 😉
All in all it has been a fantastic experience and I will definitely be back for some fun diving in the caves of southern Thailand with Blue Label.

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