CCR diversThis week in tec….Blue Label Diving Indonesia is a CCR friendly dive centre with two kinds of rebreathers for rent and all the sorb, tanks, oxygen, air and trimix fills you need. Hiro and Sandy welcome Pek and Anthony to their first visit to Bunaken where both of them are diving CCR this week. Pek is trying to build hours on the Megalodon CCR from Innerspace Corportation, so he is renting one of the 3 Meg units that we have available on the island. Anthony traveled all the way here with his ISC Pathfinder CCR and just needed some tanks and sorb to get his CCR in the water. Since we are a CCR friendly dive center we’re always prepared to handle rebreather divers.

Rebreather diving wasn’t enough for these two tekkies, as both of them hopped on sidemount for a few days of diving as well. Pek made several journeys to the deeper side of our walls here in Bunaken with Hiro. They started with some decompression dives between 40 to 55 meters on air and then ended the week with a trimix dive to 60 meters. Anthony, a seasoned twinset diver, went through the ins and outs of sidemount diving with Sandy and qualified as a sidemount diver. He’s now planning on visiting the shipwreck on Manado’s mainland to squeeze through some smaller parts.

Blue Label Diving Indonesia houses all the facilities for ccr divers and open circuit divers. Come over an visit – we’ll help you explore your limits and the reefs of North Sulawesi!


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