7 Days of intense training paid of it’s reward and Elijah and Pier venture with great confidence around the waters of Thailand. Where Elijah purchased his Own ISC Megalodon rebreather prior to the course, Pier opted for the multi CCR Rebreather options where the generic course is run on a CCR of choice (ISC MEGALODON in this case) before doing a crossover to other CCR Rebreather options such as the following units: JJ-CCR and the AP Evolution rebreather. This option gives a broader overview of the rebreathers on the market, gives insight in similarities and differences, but moreover, an opportunity to ‘feel’ the rebreather and get a handful of dives before judging on engineering and looks along. Having said that, we do applaud divers that purchase their own equipment, including ccr’s since we feel that the candidate achieves faster a true level of ‘ownership’ with their unit of choice, at Blue Label Diving we then further help the candidate to customise the configuration and streamlining of their own unit.

For further information or question which rebreather to buy or do a course on, don’t hesitate dropping us a line. We’re a team of 4 CCR professionals that can see to your options and questions.

ccr rebreather optionsIMG_9309
Pre breathing before divers junp in
ccr rebreather optionsIMG_9312
AP Evolution left , Meg right
ccr rebreather optionsIMG_9318
diver in perfect trim
ccr rebreather optionsIMG_9385
Buoyancy training
ccr rebreather optionsIMG_9382
Out of air and SMB deployment
ccr rebreather optionsIMG_9390
ccr rebreather options
ccr rebreather optionsIMG_9320
Dive site Phuket – rebreather diver
















out of air drill
out of air drill