Indonesia Rebreather DivingThe Indonesia tec diving scene is growing faster than ever, and Blue Label Diving Indonesia is making this happen. In the past, there haven’t been many dive centres in Indonesia that are supporting technical diving, but this is all changing. The best thing about doing tec diving in Indonesia are the pristine coral reefs that continue down further than the human can actually dive and extend all the way into the shallows – there is never a hang that is just blue and boring. And of course you always chance running into the most wondrous creatures – whale sharks, mola mola, sharks, gigantic green turtles and much more!

Here’s a look at what we have been doing this year on the islands of Bunaken and Lembeh in North Sulawesi. Here the Indonesia tec diving scene is the most diverse in the world – you have the weird and wonderful of Lembeh straights to be enjoyed in silence on a rebreather to the breathtaking drop-offs of Bunaken National Park and home to the ancient coelacanth.Tec Diving Courses More Info

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