Learn about rebreather diving courses in Thailand

One thing that technical and recreational divers need in common is the breathing gas. Rebreathers for divers have offered huge advantage and have also introduced a whole new dimension in diving.

As a diver, at some point, you will surely want to extend the knowledge beyond the limits of open circuit diving and want to experience more challenging diving. We are here to help you. We equip you with knowledge on rebreathers and skills at all levels.

rebreathers for divers
rebreather diver training

Earlier, rebreathers were used only by technical divers. But, today, Type R (recreational) rebreathers which are lightweight, easy-to-transport and have sophisticated electronics are also used by a recreational diver. Using these rebreathers divers can stay under water for a longer time, with longer NDL (no decompression limit). Another advantage of rebreather is that they have lots of time before running out of gas when you dive deep underwater. In the rebreather diver training that we offer at Blue Label Diving, we initially train on how rebreathers work and the importance of proper setup and maintenance.

With rebreathers you can get unmatched wildlife encounters because you will not release annoying bubbles. At the beginning of the rebreather diving course, we provide the candidates with self-study and instructor-guided session. We will, then, teach you to perform proper pre-dives while helping you develop the habit of keeping the loop closed when the mouth piece is not in the mouth.

As procedures vary with each model of rebreather, we focus on training the candidates on doing bubble checks, bailout drills and handling other potential problems that might occur underwater. The candidates are also trained to fine-tune buoyancy control. Once trained, the rebreather diver need not repeat the entire course again but he/she must focus on the knowledge and skills needed to use different Type R rebreather models.

As a part of our rebreather training, we also train candidates on monitoring displays and gauges underwater. Meanwhile, we ensure that all Type R rebreather for diving used in courses meets all requirements of the divers. In rebreather diving course, we educate the divers in theory and practical skills necessary for safe diving using the rebreather. Also, this rebreather training is designed to cover everything from the design, assembly and pre-dive checks to routine, maintenance, dive planning and theory in the classroom.

Whether you are just an amateur diver or an experienced one, we assure you that you will come with a whole new appreciation for the underwater world.