At Blue Label Diving, we believe that diving should be fun, however, we also believe that a serious educational background will produce safer divers. Recreational diving courses are also known as fun diving is “non decompression diving” to a maximum depth of 40m.

We specialise in Technical Diving but we decided to add a few recreational diving courses to our curriculum. Courses like Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Recreational Rebreather, Sidemount and Solo are officially Recreational courses as well.Specialties like Deep, Nitro, Wreck and Cavern all come in handy for when you later decide to step in the technical diving realm.

Course like react right, Search and recovery and stress and rescue are MANDATORY for each diver we believe at Blue Label Diving s safety is and being to rescue you and your buddy is most important. 

Some we consider these diving courses as the start of your Technical Diving Experience. As a Deep Diver you can get used to the depth side of technical diving. The cavern specialty you can start exploring the “dark side” of technical diving and with the wreck specialty you will feel how it is to look for lost treasures.

Our instructors are certified with multiple agencies and have many years of experience in teaching both Technical and Recreational diving courses, this allows them to give you the best possible education with an insight into the different diving systems. Our recreational courses are available in a variety of languages (Chinese, Russian, French, English, German, Swedish,Dutch, Malay and Thai) through SSI or PADI.

What is included in our recreational diving courses?

Here at our shop we teach our recreational diving course very different from other dive shops and this is where we define ourselves from the other shops.

  1. Each course is done with your own private instructor and all our instructors are technical divers/instructors as well
  2. You do the course at a slow pace – we have the option to teach courses like the Open Water course in 4 days
  3. You can always ask for an instructor in your preferred language and we will do our best to find one. Our own speak: Danish, German, English, Dutch
  4. The diving equipment we use is the latest and the best – you have the option for BCD or back plate with wing
  5. We give you breakfast and Lunch on all days
  6. You get your certification card at the end of the course – no waiting
  7. You always get more dives than the required dives by the agencies (weather allowed)
  8. We always welcome you as a family member
  9. You receive the famous comfortable easy to adjust mask strap
  10. You always give discount up to 15% if you would like to buy dive equipment
  11. Starter levels SSI courses: Try Scuba, Scuba Diver and Open Water diver get free dive insurance from Dive Assure
padi nitrox course
padi deep diver specialty
ssi open water diver course
ssi advanced adventurer course
ssi perfect buoyancy course