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Technical Diving Internship

Technical Diving Internship – part 1 – Full Cave Diver What an exciting first two weeks of my technical diving internship with Blue Label Diving! After a crash course in dive theory, instructor Ben Reymenants, full cave CCR student Chris Sammut and I headed to the caves of southern Thailand for some tech diving. On […]

Cave Diving certification

Our cave diving certification: Cave Diving is what we at Blue Label Diving Love the most. The Cave Diving certifications you can do with us fall under the TDI courses for overhead environment and we conduct these courses at least once a month. Besides TDI we can also teach these cave courses under SSI. The […]

Octomask Review

Octomask Review Go Pro Camera The Octomask is a new gizmo on the diving scene. With the new rage about gopro’s and other ‘palmheld’ camera’s, Octomask cleverly jumped in and introduced the diving mask-mounted camera. The idea seems simple enough; mount a small camera on a mask. This has been done a few times in […]