Rebreather Diver in BunakenIf you are a divemaster or recreational dive instructor wondering what else is there to learn in diving, then the answer is tec training for dive professionals. In many recreational professional ratings there is only a minimal amount of new dive theory introduce and you only perfect doing dive skills that are taught to novice divers. Why not challenge yourself and sign up for entry level tec training to broaden your own skill set and dive knowledge. You’d be amazed at how this level of training will also impact your own teaching strategies and techniques.

At Blue Label Diving Indonesia, we’re helping many trained divemasters and instructors go beyond their own scope of diving and push their limits both in the classroom and in the water. This month instructors Hiro and Sandy welcome Markus, an instructor with working experience in the Maldives and currently working in North Sulawesi. Markus wants to expand into technical diving to be able to dive deeper so he can get to some unexplored regions of North Sulawesi, but also he hopes to start slowly gaining experience so that one day he might also be able to teach technical diving. After working 6 months straight in Maldives where he only did discover dives and entry level courses, he now hopes to be able to teach more challenging levels to students. He’ll be starting out with TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures and then moving into PADI Tec 50 and PADI Tec Sidemount.Rebreather Diving Indonesia

Many of the dive professionals that we have worked with at Blue Label Diving admit to really benefitting from tec training and cite the technical diving courses as the most challenging and dive changing events. It is certainly worth continuing your education even as a dive professional where you have the chance to share the knowledge and training that you learn with your own students. Options range from decompression diving, diving with nitrox blends higher than 40%, rebreather diving and sidemount diving.

So next time you ask yourself, what else is there to learn in diving, remember the world of technical diving awaits and will open your eyes to all kinds of new things!

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