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Cave Diving Trips Thailand – FUN Diving packages

Thailand is a popular destination for the active tourist. We provide unique cave diving trips Thailand for the more adventurous divers. From idyllic, unspoiled beaches with turquoise seas and pure white sands; traditional hill tribe jungle villages to bustling cities sporting exotic markets and a vibrant, colorful nightlife; from upscale boutique resorts to bare and basic guesthouse stays – there is something for everyone in Thailand!

When you think about cave diving, Thailand is most likely not the first location that comes to mind. However, as more wet caves are discovered throughout the country, cave diving is becoming more and more popular. Thailand has vast limestone formations.

Caves are mostly formed by water eating away softer stone, like limestone. This process can take thousands of years and usually results in a true piece of art. Some of the caves go on for miles and some of the deepest cave dives in Asia have been done in Thailand.

Krabi province offers a variety of limestone caves and there are more caves further south in Nakon and Surat Thani provinces.

We would like to give you some idea of how we run a cave diving trips in Thailand.

We have had many questions about the trips.

  • Where do we sleep?
  • do we use a boat?
  • how do we get there?
  • What do I need to Bring?
  • Where do we eat?


For Cave Diving trips Thailand we have found that is is the most convenient for you and us if you can come down to Phuket a day before the trip. This way we can check your equipment if you brought any and if not we make sure you get all the right equipment from us.

There are a few resorts in the neighbourhood of the dive center. We can help you with your booking if you would like. Also on our website you can find info about these resort.


In the morning of your first diving day during your Cave Diving trips Thailand, you will be driven to Song Hong, Song = 2 and Hong = room,  lake in Nakon Sri Thammarat Province, a 4 hour drive. This is a fresh water lake which is used by the locals for drinking water. This lake used to be covered up, but many years back it collapsed and is now formed into a sink hole. After it has been discovered in the year 2006, only a handful divers have had the privilege to dive here. This is a very difficult place to find, even with GPRS coordinates. There are two entrances, one from the large lake and one from the smaller one. They are connected at 40 meters. Ben has been diving there many times and the deepest he went was 198 meters with Wetmules from Australia. These rooms are huge with a crystal clear visibility of + 50 meters. The surroundings of this lake are Rubber plants and if you are lucky you will find a huge Thai Wet fresh market.

  • This is also where all the filling takes place for the next day. The guesthouse is small wooden bungalows with Toilet, Hot Shower, Double Bed and Aircon 🙂

Each day will start with a good breakfast and end with a gorgeous Thai dinner that will satisfy your stomach like you would not believe.

Nearby Song Hong there is a small typical Thai Village, Thung Yai, where you will spend the night in a hotel/guesthouse called Burilamplai.


Sra Keow Cave
Sra Keow Cave

If you are an experienced full cave diver we can take you to the next caves in Krabi Province, named Sra Keow. These 3 caves are also a fresh water lakes and used to be next to an elephant station. Sometimes when you come up they come a drink from the lake. These cavea are 2.5 hours drive from Phuket and Song Hong. This is where Ben Reymenants did his 239m cave dive in 2006.

SRA KEOW 1 is a narrow cave which is only suitable for the experienced cave Diver. The way into the cave is great visibility but the up up out of the cave can have a visibility of 0 meters.

SRA KEOW 2 which lies at 50 meters next to Sra Keow 1 connects to 1 at 8o and 200 meters.  

SRA KEOW 3 lies a little further and has just been discovered. The Blue Label team is still exploring SRA KEOW 4 and 5 as well. 

The same owners of Burilamplai have made a new resort in Krabi as well, called Boutique Village hotel, which we use for the cave diving in Krabi.


You can easily change the schedule with a few more days here or there. Just contact Simone or Jenny and they will sort everything out for you. The minimum amount of divers per cave diving trip Thailand is 2 divers.


You will need to arrive a day before you start your real diving trip. Your 1st night will be in Phuket close to our shop for logistics and equipment check convenience. The day before you fly you cannot dive thus the last night will be in Phuket as well.

In the trips is Included: Transportation by minivan or truck, accommodation, 3 meals a day, Tank rental, Gasses such as Air, O2 and EAN, Dive Guide, Water, Coffee and Tea.

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