ERDI training and courses overview

Besides technical diving courses, Blue Label now ventures into something new. Since 2020 we can start teaching ERDI training and courses in Phuket Thailand. ERDI stands for Emergency Response Diving International.

The range of courses offered by Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI)is thorough and extensive and prepares the police diver, firefighter, rescue diver or accidental hero to liaise with authorities, moreover, perform a safe and sound recovery dive without harm to him/herself or the scene of the accident or crime. 

ERDI course overview

Diving conditions can vary. The gun on the bottom of a turquoise lagoon as often depicted by Hollywood is a rare event. Picture instead recovering a body part from a sewage reservoir and things can only improve. Both conditions have their perks, but the personal reward is the same; as a public safety diver you are helping to save persons, crime scenes or simply closure for the family.

ERDI is a Public Safety Diving (PSD) agency that trains police, fire, and other public safety organisations in search and rescue techniques that apply to almost any submerged environment. ERDI trains departments on how to make and maintain PSD teams and is the only public safety dive training agency that has its own insurance and endorses its own standards. In fact, some of the largest, most successful, and renown public safety departments use ERDI Programs to conduct training.

Ben Reymenants became an instructor in 2019 and now Blue Label is ready to start training you in Phuket, Thailand.

Public Safety Diver

As public safety diver you will be a multi-faceted diver disciplined for those who choose to apply their diving skills in service of the public. PSD is mostly taught within the diving curriculum of military, firefighters or police divers.

However, often specialist divers need to be called upon to face extra challenges presented in extreme diving environments, accidents or disasters. he response time of military units often needs time and planning, where the local diver may be good to go whiten very short notice.

The role of the public safety diver can be voluntary or paid.  It is self-rewarding, no matter what the job

Who can apply to become a public safety diver? In theory almost everyone in good health, physically and mentally. Being an experienced diver is a plus, but experience can be gained. Divers with experience in dry suit and low visibility conditions will have a step ahead.

Here is Ben his story about why he decided to become a Public Safety diver instructor.


This initial ERD-I diver course prepares you in-depth with the Public Safety Diving basics, both on theory, equipment and skill level, to be part of an NFPA and OHSA compliant Public Safety Diver team.

Upon certification, the candidate will be able to operate both as a diver and tender in limited open water public safety diving activities. 


  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Open water diver
  • CPR and first aid certification
  • oxygen provider certification


After the basic induction you can choose your level of interest. Are you comfortable in small spaces? Then the confined operations(OPS) might be something for you. The low visibility diving, contaminated water, river rapids are  some of the specialty operations that are not only exciting to learn, they give the public safety diver and the team extra flexibility and a wider range of expertise.


  • ERD I diver
  • Logged 10 PS Dives
  • CPR oxygen AED

The OPS – Specialties

In the ERD-I level there are several specialties which Blue Label Diving in Phuket Thailand can train you for:

  • Contaminated Water Ops
  • Drysuit Ops
  • Full Face Mask Ops
  • Night Ops
  • Confined Space Ops


To attend our program, you must be:


  • Advanced Open Water diver
  • Min 18 years of age
  • Proof of affiliation with a public safety team (law enforcement, fire, paramedic, EMT, dive rescue team etc


You need to bring the following materials and equipment for this program:


  • 2 cutting devices
  • 2 scuba cylinders (provided by Blue Label)
  • 2 surface singling devices (SMB and whistle)
  • Your personal dive equipment, complete set
  • Pocket mask
  • Log Book



Our program is conducted over 4 days:


Day 1: Classroom, 1 presentation of 4hrs and practical application session of 4 hours

Day 2: Classroom, 1 presentation of 4hrs and practical application session of 4 hours

Day 3 and 4: A total of 4 Open Water dives

Confined water sessions may be added to introduce new skills or equipment to the students. The student diver must demonstrate accurate and adequate knowledge and performance of all skills fluidly with little difficulty, in a manner that demonstrates minimal or no stress during the open water dives. 

Class size: Minimum amount of candidates is 3 per course and the maximum is 10 candidates. There must always be 1 diver and 1 non-diver in the group. All divers must show certification cards/ dive log.




18’000 thb for DIVERS p/p

15’000 thb for Non DIVERS p/p


The price includes the following:

  • ERDI manual, Store fees, Instructor fees, ERDI certification
  • Dives
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Tender-Diver laminated signal cards for each diver/tender
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