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Our Scuba Diving / technical diving shop is located in The South of Phuket in Thailand. 
We specialize in teaching 1:1 technical diving courses certified by the 4 biggest technical diving agencies. We are a SSI instructor training facilityTDI 5 star instructor training facilityPADI and certify under IART, covering courses ranging from sidemount to CCR rebreather down to deep trimixand cave courses. For diver and instructor levels
Our teaching practices and standards are built on SAFETY, experience, professionalism, knowledge and deeply valued relationships with our customers. We like to think of ourselves as standing head and shoulders above our peers in terms of the dedication and flexibility we show to the people who matter most – our clients. Have a look at our reviews at TRIPADVISOR or on scubatribe, they’ll tell you everything you need to know.
Ben reymenants,  cpompany director, shareholder and instructor trainer at Blue Label Diving, is 45 years of age and from Belgium. He speaks 7 languages and is our managing and training director. Blue label diving is a the technical diving shop and s highly respected and well-known in the technical diving industry because of Ben his professionalism and outstanding achievements over the last 24 years. Ben’s empathetic and patient personality inspires confidence in all his students and his flexible approach to teaching lets you learn at your own pace while constantly challenging you to new levels. He personally trains all the blue label diving instructors to his own high standards and encourages them to continue and expand their professional and personal diving capabilities and knowledge.
Besides teaching and mentoring Ben has been involved in many rescue/salvation missions. He help identifying over 160  tsunami victims , collected 8 deceased from a dive asia wreck after a bad storm and 10 deceased from the blue hole in Egypt.  Ben his last mission he WAS ALSO INVOLVED IN THE CAVE RESCUE IN CHANG RAI.
Ben is sponsored by brands like fourth element , shearwater, underwater light dude and mares
Blue label diving started in 2008 in Phuket. We wanted to sell liveaboards at first as ben was still working for siriroj international hospital in Phuket at the hyperbaric chamber where he had treated over 300 diving patients. After 10 years he met Simone and they together started blue label diving. After his time at the hyperbaric chamber he got more and more requests to teach technical diving courses, this went so well and people were very impressed, that both him and Simone decided to just focus on scuba and tech diving and teach the customers how to dive safely.
An other shareholder of Blue Label Diving, Simone, 46 years of age from Holland and speaks 3 languages has a tv producer career at Endemol tv productions before changing her life up side down to become a highly trained and professional diver. She cares for every student as it was her family and she makes sure everything is organized to the dot. 
By now, 2018, we have certified over more than 2000 local and international students, have more than 30’000 followers on facebook, broke a world record with a Japanese / American couple that got wed at 130 meters in a cave down south of Thailand and win awards from agencies year after year and only have 4.5 or higher scores on review websites.
We have tried to go abroad as well but it meant we could not focus on the business in Phuket as we had to travel too much. The reason why we now only operate in Phuket with 3 technical diving instructors, Ben Reymenants, Claus Rasmussen (was also involved in the cave rescue in Chang Rai) and Vincent Lai.
Claus Rasmussen, Shareholder and technical Instructor at Blue Label Diving came to us end of 2016 and has been teaching ever since. Claus is a SSI IT, TDI instructor, CCR Instructor and cave instructor. Claus is Danish comes from Denmark, has a wife and 2 kids and has been living in Thailand for over 10 years now. 
TDI awards 2013 and 204
TDI awards Technical diving shop

Besides tech diving we also teach high quality and high standard private Recreational diving courses. We care about QUALITY and not QUANTITY.