Klaus Klaeden  

Klaus is our „ Hamburger Jung“ what means he is born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. 

Klaus arrived the first time in Thailand  December 1998 on Koh Samui for a short holiday. Back in Hamburg he finished his one year break from work, and finished the „Meister Schule“ and received his Meisterbrief (Bachelor). Klaus opened with a friend a company for Communication and Security technics. 

The start

Klaus started diving 2001 in a holiday on Feuerte Ventura and falls immediately in love with diving. Over the the next years he was member in a Diving club in Germany, doing a lot of diving all over the world. 2003 he get addicted to diving caves at a holiday in Mexico with some dive in a cenote. But this new passion has to wait……….2012 he gets certified as a CMAS 3 Star Diver. 

2011/ 2012 was a time with big changes in his life, being tired from 30 years doing electrical engineering and having a dream living abroad in a tropical country. Looking for a new challenge he starts in September 2012 with a 8 month internship with Sea Bees Diving in Phuket to become a CMAS and SSI instructor. (diving your dream)

Over the years he steps up in his own training and becomes an CMAS 3 Star instructor and i.A.C. Instructor Trainer (International Aquanautin Club). Since 2016 he is also SSI Instructor Trainer. Klaus was in charge for the training of all professional levels at Sea Bees Diving.

After very successful 5 years with Sea Bees, with lots of work and responsibilities, Klaus decided to make a step back and taking care for his own needs and dreams…..

He still dreams from becoming a Cave Diver and he wanted to have more time for other things like photography. In this time he worked as a Freelance diving Instructor in Phuket.

Klaus and Ben meet a few years ago and so he started working also for Blue Label diving as a Freelance Instructor. 2018 Klaus became a TDI Instructor and in 2019 a RAID Instructor.


2019 Klaus becomes a full Member of the Blue Label Team and he also fulfill one of his longtime dreams and becomes a Full cave diver in 2019 and CCR diver. Klaus is now working now on his cave-Instructor and CCR Instructor levels.