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SSI Science of Diving Specialty Course

SSI science of diving course

SSI Science of Diving Specialty Course Every diving course passes knowledge to students at a level appropriate to their interests and previous training. Some courses are progressive. For example, most agencies require nitrox training before allowing a student to enroll in a course that teaches decompression diving. Other courses are more fundamental and apply to […]

Basics of Decompression Procedures and Theory

I recently completed a Decompression Procedures course with Blue Label Diving and, as a result, feel comfortable weighing the factors that go into creating a deco schedule for my dives. As a former physiology major, decompression theory was right up my alley. Luckily, instructor Por Parasu Komaradat had lots to offer on the topic – […]

Hypoxia and Hyperoxia

About Hypoxia and Hyperoxia. The Differences and causes. These word might be new to the recreational diver that softly ventures into the magic of using nitrox, familiar to the seasoned technical diver, but as a matter of fact, these words are centuries old. The words Hyp- and Hyper- are from the latin ‘too little’ and […]