Poseidon SE7EN Benefits

The Next Generation Rebreather

Developed from the world’s first recreational rebreather, the legendary Poseidon MKVI, the POSEIDON SE7EN gives you 7 Next Generation Benefits:

Why Dive the Poseidon SE7EN?

From the moment you first see a Poseidon SE7EN, you’ll know that the world of diving has changed. Stylish, rugged good looks decorate and protect the most powerful dive computer ever built. Automated pre-dive and in-dive safety checks make rebreather diving easier and safer than ever before. Versatile Performance Technology© makes the SE7EN suitable for first-time divers, advanced technical divers and anyone in-between. The Poseidon SE7EN is the only rebreather you’ll ever need!

poseidon_rebreather_sevenWeighing in at just 11 kg / 23 lbs without cylinders, your SE7EN is an easy travel companion that will open up a world of dives beyond your imagination. Stylish, rugged good looks will let fellow divers know that an adventurer is among them.

Versatility is everything. Whether you’re on a gentle dive on a tropical reef or a challenging, deep wreck dive, Versatile Performance Technology© makes your Poseidon SE7EN the perfect companion, equally at home in all environments. Other rebreathers are described as “recreational” or “technical”, putting artificial limits on your diving experiences. Capable of whatever dive you want to do, the Poseidon SE7EN is the only rebreather you’ll ever need.

Poseidon has been at the forefront of diving technology for almost 60 years and we know that ultimately, dive safety is everything. Patented safety technology on board the Poseidon SE7EN looks after you and lets you and your buddy know through a three-level alarm system if something isn’t going according to plan.

The popularity of the Poseidon SE7EN and its predecessor, the MKVI means that it is available and supported almost anywhere you want to go diving. Poseidon gives you more training, rental, support and destination options than ever before.

How Poseidon SE7EN Technology Works

How does it work
How does it work

All closed circuit rebreathers use oxygen, diluent (air/trimix), a breathing loop, counter-lungs, a mouthpiece to deliver the breathing gas, a scrubber to remove the carbon dioxide from the system and a method to replace the metabolized oxygen. That’s the easy part and where other rebreathers stop but Poseidon SE7EN technology really starts!

What makes the Poseidon SE7EN unique is the way in which it manages the gas in the breathing loop. Automatically calibrated oxygen sensors detect the PPO2 in the breathing loop and solenoids automatically inject oxygen as required to maintain the appropriate PPO2 for the diver’s current depth. The SE7EN diver does not need to adjust PPO2 set points or manually maintain a set point; the SE7EN does it all for them.

poseidon-rebreather_closeup-headThroughout the dive, Poseidon safety technology is monitoring the oxygen sensors to ensure that they are working perfectly. Gas levels within the loop and the cylinders are monitored to ensure that the SE7EN diver has sufficient diluent gas available to reach the surface in the unlikely event of needing to “bail out” to open circuit. A three-level alarm system is there to alert the diver and buddy if something does not go according to plan. Alarms are delivered visually, by the wrist computer and the VPT© Battery, audibly via the VPT© Battery and physically, via the mouthpiece that incorporates Juergensen Marine DIVA vibrating alert technology.

G7 Inside Poseidon Seven
The Generation 7 electronics open up endless possibilities for interaction, accessories and applications. Entirely new internal hardware driven by a new generation of firmware makes the SEVEN faster, flexible and reliable in any diving environment.

Bluetooth Connectivity Poseidon Seven
Download your dive logs in seconds, update your settings and interact effortlessly with your POSEIDON SEVEN, all using Bluetooth

Dive Management System Poseidon Seven
Enjoy enhanced interaction with your rebreather. The upgraded configuration tool interacts with your POSEIDON SEVEN via Bluetooth, allowing you to make configuration changes in moments. See your dive logs in far greater detail and much more. Better still, it’s now Mac compatible!

Recreational or 100M Technical Rebreather Poseidon Seven
The POSEIDON SEVEN can be whatever you want it to be! You can use the SEVEN as a Recreational Rebreather or as a 100M-rated Technical Rebreather; it’s your choice! Poseidon’s industry-leading upgrades give you the ultimate recreational and technical rebreather flexibility

Enhanced Service & Support Poseidon Seven
Poseidon already has class-leading reliability and technical support, but the POSEIDON SEVEN makes service and support even easier and more convenient. Automatic dive log downloads to support via Bluetooth, combined with detachable displays and sensors mean that support is even faster and more convenient than before!

Upgraded Mouthpiece
The best rebreather mouthpiece just got even better! A new system keeps the bail-out valve locked in place in closed or open circuit, while still enabling simple switches from closed to open circuit

Protective, desirable and functional in equal measures, the cover on the Poseidon SE7EN has a built-in handle and trim weight system, along with grab and lighting rails.

Some easy to download PDF files straight from the Poseidon.com website.