SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty course

Diver in Perfect Buoyancy
Perfect Buoyancy diver

SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty course is a specialty that can be fully conducted in a pool. The training aims to optimize the buoyancy control of a diver.  Streamlined and graceful, a diver with good buoyancy glides through the water effortlessly, leaving others in awe and admiration.

More often than not, you see your instructors glide through water, seemingly not even moving an inch. In this course, we will teach you exactly that. You will learn how to breathe, when to kick and when not to kick to reach a trance-like condition underwater.

With good buoyancy control, you will consume less air, and is less likely to get fatigue underwater. You will also utilize different fin kick methods to make maneuvering underwater easier. In this course, you will learn skills like backward finning (Reverse Frogkick), 360° finning (Helicopter fin kicks) and many more.

The duration of the course is one day and you can stretch it longer if you are staying for long period in Phuket.

What do you do and where do we teach you

As mentioned above, your instructor at Blue Label can conduct your SSI perfect buoyancy course entirely in the pool. You need to choose your dive gear set-ups, and train your buoyancy skills in accordance to it. Hence, many of our students choose to conduct SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty with the Sidemount Specialty course.

You can also choose to conduct your course as part of a diving day trip. If that is the case, you need at least 2 dives to finish the skills, and finish the theory exam on the boat.

In the end, the perfect buoyancy specialty can be a really rewarding course to learn. After the enlightenment, you surely will start referring scuba diving as a sport more like yoga, and not swimming.

Who can enroll/start and what do you need

Minimum Age:10 years old
Min Certification/diver level:Open Water Diver
Min amount of dives:n/a
Course duration:1 day
About this course:Perfect Buoyancy course is a course designed to optimize the buoyancy control of a diver by utilizing various skills and breathing methods.
Certification available through:SSI
Combination of Courses:Sidemount Specialty
What do I do next:SSI Specialties / Divemaster Training

Schedules SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty

Your SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty course is a 1 day course and we conduct this on a day boat in Phuket on one of the diving day trips, albeit with skills to perform.

SSI-Diving29Perfect Buoyancy Boat Course

07:15am Pickup from your Hotel

08:00am Departs from Chalong Pier to Racha Yai

10:00am First two dives of the day

01:00pm Lunch time

02:00pm Third dive of the day

03:00pm Departure from Racha

05:00pm Estimated time of arrival at Chalong Pier

How much does it cost and what is included in the price? and why Blue Label Diving?

We have over 8 year experience running a dive shop in Phuket. Our instructors are all tech divers and Dive Instructors. Some even technical diving instructors and Dive Medics.

We take diving serious but with a smile. We don’t care about quantity but QUALITY!

We teach in several languages such as: English, Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Malay, Thai etc.

As Blue Label do not like un-welcome surprises, we clearly list out what is included and what is not included in your course payment.

Book-Online-nowWe teach at an instructor to student ratio of 1:1. Or with your family or group of friends of course. Our max is 2 students per instructor. 

PRICE: 7'500thb

Included: instructor fee, materials fee, equipment rental fee, pickups, breakfast and lunch, boat fee and Excluded: personal items (towels, sunblock etc.), dive computer rentals (300 baht), VAT

Being quoted a better price?

Let us know and we will see if we can match it.

But let’s be honest. At the end of the day you can’t put a price on quality courses and instructors!

The Dive Equipment list

dive equipment set
dive equipment set

Below are the equipment included in the course package.

  1. Mask + Snorkel
  2. Fins (boots if required)
  3. Wetsuit/Skin Suit
  4. Regulator
  5. BCD + Weight System

Whats next?

This course opens up a path to: