Bunaken technical diving
Tech diving Lembeh

It’s been a long silence. And that can mean only one thing – we’re busy. So here’s the Bunaken and Lembeh technical diving update for the past couple of weeks.

I packed all the techie stuff including rebreathers and booster pumps and whips and all sorts of other gadgets that everybody likes into boxes and headed over to Lembeh for some tech diving Lembeh style in the muck.

Tech Diving Lembeh

I had a unmatched privilege to take three lovely ladies sidemount diving. Imogen or Imi is doing her divemaster internship over here, Caroline is already a divemaster and teaches yoga for some time in Lembeh and you’ve probably met Theresia in earlier posts – she already knows sidemounting very well but still joined us.

As you can see from my smile I’m very much delighted to work with those three!

Rebreather Diver Bunaken
Rebreather Diver Bunaken

Next was up Geoffrey who arrived the same day and was up and ready for his TDI Poseidon Air Diluent rebreather course. It doesn’t happen every day that you get to spend your course with hairy frogfishes, flamboyant cuttlefishes and other top-notch creatures that Lembeh has to offer.

Here’s Geoffrey posing with a hairy frogfish. It tried to run hard away out of the frame.

To almost wrap things up, Götz and Birgitta came over from Singapore, brought their good looking rEvo rebreathers along and we did, let’s put it mildly some epic tech diving trimix rebreather diving. Some of the keywords being schooling tunas, sharks on almost every dive, gin clear visibility and cold upwelling currents.

Rebreather diving Bunaken walls
Rebreather diving Bunaken walls

Wait – it isn’t over yet. The new week brings new adventures as I’m heading back to Lembeh for another rebreather course and some more intro to tec programs!

Until then – stay tuned!

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