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AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix

CCR AP Inspo course

AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix Course in Phuket Ben Reymenants has just finished the IART AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix course with Michael M down here in Phuket. Michael is from Melbourne Australia and has dived the unit for over a year now and is Advanced Wreck diver. The IART AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix course […]

Advanced Trimix on a rebreather

AP evolution trimix ccr

Advanced trimix Diving on a Rebreather combined with a recreational diver. They said recreational diving can’t be combined with Technical diving. They said the differences in equipment would be confusing and dangerous. They said the dive sites and environment wouldn’t be suitable. A Sydney couple proved those statements wrong. Gary, an experienced deep rebreather diver […]

Mixed Gas Technical Diving Thailand

Technical Diving course in Phuket and Song Hong Feb 2014 The end has come to a week of mixed gas course in Thailand. Fiona Sharp, a hyperbaric physician, buddied up with Cameron Rogers, one of our interns to take their freshly learned trimix open water skills to the caves of song hong to see how hand signals […]