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sidemount diver

SSI TXR ITS in Phuket with Blue label Diving SSI is proud to announce 3 new Mixed gas instructor trainers who successfully passed the quite enduring SSI TXR ITS week of assessments, decompression dives, minute dive planning and presentations in order to become a SSI TXR asset in SSI’s prestigious Extended Range program. The SSI […]

SSI XR Cavern Course

SSI XR Cavern course in Thailand We have just finished the SSI XR Cavern course. Its the end of a 3-day intense Beta-testing our brand new SSI XR Cavern course program, deploying 3 out of 4 generic configurations; ccr, sidemount and twinset. Showing the compatibility of each system and universality in emergency situations. Well done Paul, Claus, Lassi […]

Advanced Trimix on a rebreather

AP evolution trimix ccr

Advanced trimix Diving on a Rebreather combined with a recreational diver. They said recreational diving can’t be combined with Technical diving. They said the differences in equipment would be confusing and dangerous. They said the dive sites and environment wouldn’t be suitable. A Sydney couple proved those statements wrong. Gary, an experienced deep rebreather diver […]

ccr cave trimix ventures

CCR CAVE End of another successful CCR CAVE Trimix program. This time, French Megalodon rebreather diver Nicolas Lanvoc came over to Thailand cave to polish his ccr and cave skills in this Distinctive program, unique to Blue Label Diving. Most candidates have cave and mixed gas experience, open and/or closed circuit. But are they ready […]

Advanced Trimix Thailand

Advanced trimix course in Song Hong in August 2015 Two years in the making, buddy team Jeremiah and Kheng-Yew accomplished their goal of reaching 100m during their Advanced Trimix in Song Hong cave system Thailand. They initially met up during their full cave course with us in Thailand, years earlier. From one course came another and […]

Rebreather Cave Course and CCR Cave Trimix

restriction evolution ccr cave

End of a 10 day rebreather cave course and ccr cave trimix course. Challenged by rain and tropical heat, candidates Dimitri and Steve absorbed the tasks and stress loading posed by different cave systems. Ranging from small dark dirty spaces to wide open, clear water, decorated halls. The first part of the venue was passed […]

Mixed gas diving

JJ Rebreather CCR

As Blue Label Diving finishes its’ fifth season, we packed again two full trucks of equipment and together with a couple of avid mixed gas divers headed for Song Hong Sinkhole in the South of Thailand. 6 days of gradually deeper trimix mixed gas diving whilst staying at the newly built Buri Lampla resort, a […]

Recreational vs Technical Diving

Poseidon or Pathfinder

Recreational vs Technical diving Like with all walks of life there’s no one right way how to take the step from being a recreational diver to becoming a technical diver. To make things a little bit more confusing let’s add sidemount and recreational rebreathers to the formula also. As you can see the line between […]

Rebreather and sidemount diving in Indonesia

Last week has seen a lot of rebreather and sidemount diving in Indonesia and more specifically here on Bunaken island. A very experienced instructor Leo from Jakarta popped by for two very nice 50m tec dives the other day. Him being on backmount, Theresia on sidemount and me on a rebreather it was a full […]

Indonesia tec update, week 12

Having arrived and celebrated my arrival it was time to get down, dirty and wet with Maria from Sweden. Don’t get too carried away now there, we’re talking about PADI tec sidemount course still. Repetitive skill drills produce mastery and along with some “stressful” situations Maria was on top of her game throughout the whole […]