The TDI INTRO TO TECH COURSE, available in Phuket Thailandintroduces the recreational diver into the world of Technical Diving by showing the diver how to use 2 cylinders carried on the side of the diver instead of the conventional 1 mounted on the back of the diver or a Twinset, which is a unification of 2 cylinders also carried on the divers back.

The objective of this course is to familiarise students with technical gear configurations, to enhance open water diving skills (including buoyancy, trim, propulsion techniques, and situational awareness), and to introduce students to advanced gas planning techniques within a no-decompression context. Subject areas covered in this course includes, physics, physiology, equipment considerations and configurations, dive planning, and dive procedures.

This course is strictly a no-decompression course. Students are permitted to use Enriched Air Nitrox mixes, provided the gas mix is within their current level of certification. This course is a useful stand-alone course for the diver who wants to become a more skilled, more proficient diver regardless of whether or not the diver intends to move on to technical diving.

Student Prerequisites TDI Intro to Tech Course:

Minimum age: 15 years
Min certification/diver level: Advanced Open Water
Min amount of dives: 25 Open Water Dives
Course Duration: 1-2 days including 3 dives to a maximum depth of 75fsw/26msw
System: Open Circuit twin set, Sidemount
Prerogatives: This program is a standalone designed to experience tec diving.
Certification available through: TDI,PADI
Combination of courses: This program is a standalone designed to experience tec diving.
Primary and secondary regulators (for back gas or Sidemount set-up)Two stage/decompression regulators
Mask + Back-up maskBCD (wing) and harness or Sidemount Wing (with a min lift of 40 pounds)
Depth gauge/computer Timing device and backup timing device
Appropriate exposure suitKnife/cutting device and backup
Two inflatable signal tubesReel and spool
Slate and backup slateCompass
Torch and Back-up torches (Trimix Diving, Wreck diving and cave diving courses)Hood - for Cave, Deep and Wreck Diving
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