• Represented in Thailand - Australia - Indonesia by specialised Technical Diving TDI 5 star Instructor Training Facilities, PADI TecRec Centers and Instructors.  We teach technical diving training from Sidemount to CCR Rebreather down to deep trimix and Cave Courses. We have training facilities in Phuket, Bangkok,  Brisbane, Bunaken and Lembeh,  Our Tech Diving Instructors work … [Continue Reading]

    About Blue Label Diving
  • Wrecks and Caves  Diving overhead environments is a whole different ball game then any other form of technical diving. You are in enclosed spaces with no direct access to the surface. Diving overhead environments is not everybody's thing. Blue Label Diving in Thailand Phuket is specialised in the training for Advanced Wreck, Cavern, Intro to cave and Full Cave courses. With … [Continue Reading]

    Diving Overhead Environments
  • TRIMIX DIVING Trimix diving courses at Blue Label Diving are available at our facility in Thailand.  If you want to go on a deep dive, Helium is the safest way to dive. No matter if you are diving open circuit, sidemount or rebreather once you go beyond certain depths (50 mtrs - 166 feet) the safest way is to dive with a mixed gas of Helium combined with Air. Trimix means a … [Continue Reading]

    Trimix Diving Training
  • RECREATIONAL REBREATHER DIVER COURSES The Poseidon MKVI Discovery & Pathfinder by Innerspace The time has come that open circuit divers are switching to Rebreather Diving without having to be a Technical diver. Divers are seeing the benefits of no bubble, warm breathing gas, perfect PPO2 and easy to use diving units such as the Pathfinder and the MKVI Poseidon. … [Continue Reading]

    Recreational Rebreather Training
  • GO PRO - Professional Technical Diving Instructor Training in Thailand and Australia Thinking about a change of career or changing your current dive instructor job? Thousands of SCUBA Diving instructors Worldwide had a 9-5 office job with loans, house, car etc. just like you. Then a scuba diving holiday came along and a year later they stroll on a coco palm beach, sipping … [Continue Reading]

    Technical Diving Instructor Training
  • CAVE DIVING Why Thailand? The cave diving world in Thailand invites you to come and have a look in a safe manner with the use of lines, reels, lights and twin tanks. Some people/divers say that the caves in Thailand are bad and compare them to Mexico or FLorida. No we do not have many light penetrations to make it appear more crystal clear. But we do have real deep black … [Continue Reading]

    Cave Diving
  • CCR Rebreather Diving  has made a huge leap in the last few years and Blue Label Diving is at the forefront of all the developments from Agencies and manufactures. Each level can be taught either as diver level or as Dive Instructor level. Our own in-house Instructor Trainer for TDI, IART, PADI and SSI is Ben Reymenants, one of the most highly recommended Instructors … [Continue Reading]

    CCR Rebreather Diving
  • Blue Label Diving is pleased to offer all levels of Sidemount Diving Courses from TDI and PADI in Phuket Thailand, Lembeh and Bunaken Indonesia and Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia. From recreational two tank side mount diving to advanced technical sidemounting in overhead environments and even instructor levels. The only drawback is that once you dive side mount, you may … [Continue Reading]

    Sidemount Diving

Technical Diving Courses

Tech Diving Courses. TDI 5 star Instructor Training Facility and PADI TecRec Centres in Phuket Thailand, Australia and Indonesia. All Tech Diving Courses, from Solo, Side mount to CCR...

Rebreather CCR Courses

CCR Rebreather courses. All levels. From 18 down to 100 meters in Caves. Specialised in Megalodon Innerspace, Poseidon MKVI & Se7en, Pathfinder, Optima, Evolution, Inspiration and more...

Cave Diving Trips & Courses

Our cave diving courses in Thailand and expeditions/trips to the remote rural sunken caves of Khao Sok and Song Hong are perfect for those seeking adventure training from the very best cave instructors in the world...


Are you looking for adventure and the unknown? Do you want to experience the extreme and adrenaline side of diving that can take you to depths, places and realms unseen by the majority of the worlds diving population? Doing a Tech Diving Course at Blue Label Diving in Phuket or Bangkok Thailand, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Melbourne in Australia or Bunaken and Lembeh in Indonesia ! Brings you exactly there! Whether a your already a tech diver or looking to start...Air Decompression diving, Trimix, Sidemount, Rebreather and Overhead environments like Caves and Wrecks..Redefine your limits!!!



Located in Phuket and Bangkok/Pattaya in Thailand. For all Tech, Cave, Sidemount, CCR and all other deep diving courses down to 100 mt on Trimix. TDI, PADI, IART, ANDI, BSAC Diver and Instructor courses available with ITs Ben Reymenants in Phuket and Por Parasu Komaradat in Bangkok.




Technical Diving Courses in Australia. We are located in Brisbane, Byron Bay and Melbourne. We have Diver and Instructor courses available from Sidemount, CCR Rebreather to all other tech diving courses down to a max of 48 mtrs. We also do retail sales of some technical diving equipment and apparel.




Indonesia is one of the best places to dive in the world. With our facilities in Indonesia and our tech Instructor Sandra Yoshida, You can now dive the deep reefs of Bunaken on CCR or do a Sidemount course in Lembeh. Courses and fun diving available with PADI and TDI. We also cater for CCR divers and trimix divers.


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