PADI – Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Even-though we are specialised in Advanced Diving such as deep , wreck, caves and rebreather, our instructors still love to teach the NEW diver as nothing is better to see the look on your face when you first know you are able to breath underwater and when you see your first fish up-close. If you can swim, you can dive. If you can snorkel, you can dive! But of course you would need to have training before you jump in. We only use the best instructors here in Phuket. These are the man and woman who really care about you and want to give you the BEST and safest experience ever! At Blue Label Diving you are not put in a group of 10 divers, no you have your own personal instructor. It doesnt matter if it for a Discover Scuba dive or a Speciality for the existing divers, we make sure you have the right instructor for you.

So what are your options:


DSD Discover Scuba DIVE

The Discover Scuba Dive is exactly what is says. You will be informed by your instructor about how the equipment works to a certain extend and you will learn a few crucial skills such as clearing you mask while underwater, recovery of the regulator and a few hand signals. The instructor will be with you, right by your side, at all times. The dive will never be deeper than 12 meters. The pool is a maximum of 5 meters deep.

DSD in the pool / beach with personal instructor

  • Recommended for children under 12
  • Recommended for non snorkelers
  • Recommended for non swimmers

Price all incl = 5’500 thb

DSD 2 x Boat dives with personal instructor

  • Recommended for water rats
  • Recommended for snorkelers
  • People that have done a DSD before

Price all incl = 6’500 thb

DSD 3 x Boat dives with personal instructor

  • People that have done DSD before

Price all incl = 7’500 thb

The DSD is not a certification. You will learn a little bit about physics and physiology and the equipment and You will have a personal instructor.

Prices are Incl: instructor fee, pool or boat fee,Transportation, equipment rental and dsd booklet.

Start 7:30 am boat DSD

Start 8:30 am beach or pool DSD

Bring towel, sunscreen & water

Scuba Diver with personal instructor

The Scuba Diver certification allows you to dive all over the world to max 12 mtrs depth. From 12 years of age.

  • 2 days course
  • day 1: pool and confined water training
  • day 2: 3 boat dives
  • Recommended for anyone!

Price : 12’000 Thb

Open Water Scuba Diver with personal instructor

The Open Water Diver is a certification which allows you to dive all over the world to a max depth of 18 meters. From 12 years of age (between 12-15 is jr open water diver = 12 mtrs max)

3 day course (with e-learning from home or hotel)

  • day 1: pool and classroom
  • day 2: Training dives 1 & 2
  • day 3: Training dives 3 & 4

Price 15’000 thb

4 day course Open Water course :

  • Recommended to everyone!
  • day 1 : classroom / pool
  • day 2: classroom / pool
  • day 3: Training dives 1 & 2  + 1 extra dive
  • day 4: Training dives 3 & 4 + 1 extra dive

Price 18’000 thb

For both the 3 day and 4 days course: You will have a private instructor. Inclusive: manual, certification, instructor fee, Pool fee, boat fee, transport, equipment rental.

Start 7:30 am boat days

Start 8:30 am beach or pool

Bring towel, sunscreen & water

Advanced Open Water with personal instructor

The Advanced Open Water Diver is a certification which allows you to dive all over the world to a max depth of 40 meters. From 15 years of age.

  • 2 day course – 5 specialties
  • Mandatory : deep and navigation diving
  • Choice out of 3 more available specialties:
  • Wreck, Nitrox, Drift, Fish ID, Buoyancy control, Boat  or Cavern
  • Recommended : Nitrox (at extra charge)
  • Day 1: 3 boat dives: deep, navigation + 1
  • Day 2: 3 Boat dives: 2 specialties + 1 fun dive

Price 15’000 thb

If you would like to add Nitrox to the advanced or open water course there is an extra charge of 5’000thb + 1 day

Inclusive: manual, certification, instructor fee, boat fee, transport, equipment rental.

Start 7:30 am boat days

Bring towel, sunscreen & water

Fun Diving with personal instructor

If you are a certified diver only. We have a choice out of 2 or 3 dive day boats. In Phuket there arnt any morning or afternoon boats. The dive sites are minimum 2 hours drive and for example Phi Phi is 2.5- 3 hrs drive. This is why there is no half day boats. When diving in Phuket you will be away fro the whole day.

All leave from Chalong Pier at 8:00 am

  • The 2 dive day boats come back around 4:00pm
  • The 3 dive day boats come back around 5:30pm
  • 2 dive day boats are 3’400 thb –  3’600 thb
  • 3 dive day boats are 3’900 thb – 5’500 thb

Equipment rental: regulator, BCD, wetsuit, mask + fins + snorkel is 800thb

Non divers/snorkelers can allways come on the dive boats as well. Cost incl gear is between 2’200 – 2’400thb

Pickup is 200thb from your hotel each way

Pickup most locations: 7:30 am

We will provide a Private guide/instructor at no extra cost

Dive sites:

Phi Phi – 30 mtrs

Koh Doc Mai, Anemone reef, Shark point 15 – 30 mtrs

King Cruiser, Shark point, Anemone reef 15 – 30 mtrs

Racha Yai – 4 – 40 mtrs

Racha Yai and Racha Noi 4 – 40 mtrs (there are deeper dive sites but these are purely for tech training)


Our other recreational PADI courses are what we consider to be “soft” tech courses like Deep, Nitrox, Wreck, and Sidemount. PADI now also introduced its Rebreather courses; Open Water and Advanced Rebreather diver levels.

These “soft tech” courses are the perfect introduction to extend your range into deeper or longer diving. This is why we have included them in our dive course curriculum. Most people think that “Technical” Diving is difficult, very deep and for tough and heavy guys only. This is fas from the truth. For example more and more female divers get into the tech side of diving as you get longer in water times and seeing other dive locations such as wrecks and caves.

Our Technical TecRec PADI courses, like Tecrec 40, 45 and 50 or the trimix levels 65 and 90 we run for both diver and instructor levels.

With 100,000 professional members operating in 175 countries and territories, PADI Instructors are the most ethnically, culturally and racially diverse group of dive educators in the world. This means that potential dive consumer seeking diver education has a much greater chance of finding a PADI course offered in their country by a person from their own culture and in their own language.

Our locations are ideal to continue your diving education. Blessed with some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world, SEA has a lot to offer. We have it all; reef diving, wall diving, wreck diving, cavern diving and deep diving.

If you are a recreational PADI Open Water diver or PADI Advanced Open Water diver and you are interested in other dive courses such as the wreck, deep or cavern specialty contact one of our locations so that our highly qualified

PADI courses "soft tech" in dive locations such as this beautiful beach.
PADI courses “soft tech”