SSI TXR Programs – Technical Extended Range courses

SSI TXR programs

SSI`s Technical Extended Range Programs are true Technical Diving programs. They challenge the diver with multi stage unlimited decompression profiles.

As with the XR programs, real overhead techniques are covered when participating in the wreck and cave programs.
Because of the nature of these extreme programs your training will be incredibly thorough and exacting.

Nothing is left to chance and all bases are covered. The high level skills and knowledge during the XR programs are taken a step further allowing you to push not only traditional diving limits but also your own.
These are apex programs and once you have completed your training you will be the best of the best.


With technical extended range you will need a full technical total diving system and two stages. This program will qualify you to dive to 60 meters, and in addition to the gas utilized in TXR, you will now use trimix with a minimum content of 18%. Normoxic can be completed in addition to or as an alternative to the advanced decompression Procedures program.


This is the top of the TXR program. Here you will use all the knowledge, skills, equipment and experience in all of your previous training and push your limits to the extreme. There are two pathways; one takes you to 80 meters and the other to 100 meters.You will use all the same equipment as in the Normoxic program. However, you will now use a minimum of three stage decompression gases.


This program allows unlimited wreck penetration to a maximum depth of 50 m
eters. Here your line laying and light use learned in the Advanced Wreck program will be advanced and you will learn lost line, loss of light and loss of teammate procedures. If wrecks are your passion then this program is for you. The program can only be completed wearing a full technical total diving system with a maximum of two stage cylinders.


Cave Diving allows you to conduct penetrations on a single line with basic navigation. You will learn techniques to deal with problems in this most unforgiving of environments. Safety is the number one concern, and you will increase confidence by spending hours in the environment with your Cave Instructor. You will earn the SSI Cave Diving certification after completing this program.

To get to full cave diver level from cavern diving you will participate in the intro cave/cave basics and cave diving programs. Intro/basics allows penetration on a single line. Full cave allows complex navigation and you learn how to traverse, jump, tee and gap within the cave system. You will enhance your lost line, lost teammate, gas sharing and loss of light skills.